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Verifraud offers affordable fraud risk management solutions
Verifraud, a recognized industry leader in credit fraud risk management, acts as your virtual fraud prevention department. Our proven solutions combine innovative technology, industry-leading tools and unparalleled expertise to dramatically reduce fraud losses for clients.

The Verifraud Difference
  • Proven, proprietary solutions
  • Customer-specific strategies
  • Continual, research-driven innovation
  • Seamless integration with existing credit processes
  • Extensive industry & law enforcement relationships
  • Unparalleled bottom line results
How much could you be saving?
Bottom Line
Most companies incur significant credit fraud losses, often viewing this as simply a cost of doing business. Experience shows that there is a better way. Verifraud has repeatedly proven the ability to dramatically impact the bottom line and is driven by customer return on investment. Verifraud's proprietary tools, processes, and people are proven over time and across multiple business environments. We’ll help reduce the guess work on business transactions while allowing you to focus on what you do best.
Verifraud has a knack; they dig beneath the surface and look at the true nature of a company before problems become apparent. They have become a valued business partner and have proven themselves to be an asset in our credit screening process --SED International, Inc.
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